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Discussion in 'Pixel Car Art Showcase & Discussion' started by Riril Septian, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. yes, thank you for supporting me :)
  2. Would you possibly be able to do a rally spec Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX?
  3. Okay, I'll try to make it. Toyota MR2 what year do you mean @mizterpstefo ?
    then, what colour and style you want? Race Car / stance / etc.
  4. maybe I can try to make / edit for you @Tyster1211 . Did you mean the Ralliart Mitsubishi evo x red colour?
  5. Pls make the SW20 in Stance i would love to have that
  6. I love them! Thank u so much I appreciate u taking ur time to do this for me and tagging me in it. I hope these get added!!! I wish they put a button on the gages to where u could take the roof on or off on some cars like the delsol or the s2k plus I love the old civic sedans and the wago vans lol. And i have 2 more requests if u could. one is my new 2011 Chevy Cruze it's sliver and the other is my old baby it's a 93 Acura Integra da9 with a b18 :) I miss that car so much R.I.P Sheila! Long story on her if anyone cares haha :p
  7. Okay, I know the car that you are looking for. So, What color do you want for stance MR2 (SW20)?

  8. I'm also glad to fulfill your request :D. for the next request, I will try to make it.
    I know the car you are looking for. it is cool cars. So, what color you want to request cars do you mean next? and what style you want? stance, race cae, street racer, or other? :)
  9. my da9 was all black and slammed with lots of stickers. So I guess kinda street race Honda like with sticker bombed front fenders and a neo chrome tow hook on the rear and then with my Cruze I want it to be like a new tuner/street race car. Mine has stickers on it and looks kinda ricerish lol
  10. Hmmm good question.If you can so it red with black rims.Thanks:)
  11. Yeah that would be cool, or just any evo that's rally is fine with me.

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