Stage 1 - Top Winners [Honda S2000 / Nissan Stagea]

Discussion in 'Weekend Style Point Competitions' started by Cruiser, Sep 12, 2016.

  1. congrats to all winner in the competition :D i hope nextime i can join :)
  2. Anyone got errors when they received their prizes? It literally broke my game.
  3. Have the Devs talked to you about this yet?
  4. Sadly I got no update.
  5. I'll let Nismo know and he'll talk to them. You'll be getting a reply soon
  6. Okay man it's the update tomorrow and my game is still broken.
  7. I messaged Nismo and Travis for you over on Discord, now we'll wait and see.
  8. Appreciate it man. I'll wait for some updates.
  9. No problem man, we're here to help
  10. Can't believe i won 2nd place , congrats to everyone who won the competition aswell :)

  11. Damn, my S2000 was on point
  12. Congrats @Kingklutz :)
  13. sooooooo... whats the new comp?? its friday!!..lets do the mk1 Golf and Datsun bakkie!!
  14. The judges get to decide which car players will build, but your suggestions are good. Anyways, I'll be making an announcement about the competition later today, so stay tuned.
  15. We should revisit some of these older ones now that we have wraps and such.

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