Stage 12 - Top Winners [BMW E90 / BMW E30]

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  1. Hey, PCR community.
    I'm proud to present to you our top winners for the Stage 12 WSPC. A message will be sent out shortly via Conversations with instructions on how to redeem your crates. Remember, these competitions are held every weekend, so don't feel discouraged if you didn't make it.

    For more information about the WSPC, click the links below:

    BMW E90
    Top Winners
    1. @Nandelor
    2. @KarolS0208
    3. @MrSun
    4. @Amanteeee
    5. @JC_Jacopo
    Top Entries
    1. [​IMG]
    2. [​IMG]
    3. [​IMG]
    4. [​IMG]
    5. [​IMG]

    BMW E30
    Top Winners
    1. @tigglebitties
    2. @TheButtKickerUK (TBKUK)
    3. @_-raz-_
    4. @Markbognor
    5. @Tristan Pederson
    Top Entries
    1. [​IMG]
    2. [​IMG]
    3. [​IMG]
    4. [​IMG]
    5. [​IMG]
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  2. well done!! i like the e30 winners!
  3. Congrats!
  4. Awesome job guys
  5. Sweet rides guys! I have a question. how do we enter for these competitions? are we just picked?
  6. Grats to winners!
  7. Congrats to all the winners!
  8. Congratulations everyone :D
  9. Whoo! first time entered and I placed with the E30.
    Cheers Judge/Judges.
  10. Which color is the 2nd BMW E90?
  11. To be honest there were far better cars
    But congrats to the winners
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  12. The colour i went with is called "ocean". I think that it is one of the nicest colours in the game but you can only get it from crates.
  13. Thank you judges! Did not expect to win.
  14. Two "mate black bull" wins? Really? Look like that decal always wins no matter what car lol
  15. Congratulation to the winners :)
    I didn't win again. Is not surprise. Next time I'll build the most ugly car ever. It's the only way to win here lol XD
  16. thanks & congrats to the other winners!
  17. Very surprised by the choices the judges made. Even disappointed.
  18. Shots fired.
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