Stage 13 - Mazda Miata (New) Entry Thread [CLOSED]

Discussion in 'Weekend Style Point Competitions' started by CadillacWill, Dec 16, 2016.

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  1. Stage 13 - Mazda Miata (New)


    Breaking any of these rules will result in disqualification.
    • Participants are only allowed one entry per entry thread, unless granted permission by a judge.
    • No entry shall be edited in any way before, during, or after the competition. This includes but is not limited to cropping, filtering, and zooming.
    • Entries are not limited to garage background. For example, you may use the highway as your background.
    • No entry shall be posted after the deadline.
    Good luck to all participants. We look forward to seeing your creations.

    For more information on the WSPC, click here

  2. RedBull Drift Star

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  3. Mad Mike's Miata

  4. I built before the update...
  5. IMG_3550.PNG My mazda miata color scheme design with crate wrap
  6. Screenshot_2016-12-17-08-18-50.png Simple
  7. Screenshot_2016-12-17-07-29-19.png
  8. [​IMG]
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    My track attack, touge missile Miata.
    Maxed out fr9, supercharged, open air intake.
    Color matched best I could!!
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  11. Screenshot_2016-12-17-10-53-53.png
  12. Screenshot_20161216-225104.png
    Get Low
  13. yup, there you go =D

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  14. My entry for this week

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  15. My mia
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