Stage 14 - Top Winners [Volkswagen Golf GTI / MK1]

Discussion in 'Weekend Style Point Competitions' started by Cruiser, Dec 26, 2016.

  1. Cadillac Will, I wasn't being salty I was just simply asking about the criteria you guys pick winners based off because I find most of the winning builds wildly distasteful and was wondering if the judge panel all had the $$ rims on their lambos in GTA 5 as well
  2. not everyone has the same taste, what catches the eye for one doesnt do the same for another. and just my two cents, i can normally agree with the picks for winners cos i try and see why they picked those ones over similar entries
  3. Understandable, exactly why I asked about the judges tastes and how they choose the winners. Congrats by the way, your mk1 was dope
  4. You're being snarky with the $$ rim question. You can stop that anytime.
  5. thank you very much, means alot. me and my friend @Pieta have literally been building mk1's since day one.. i have a whole folder full of custom custom builds
  6. You still haven't answered my question about the judges and the criteria they judge based on
  7. We don't have a certain criteria that we follow. That's all you need to know about that. ;)
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