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Stage 14 - Volkswagen Golf MK1 Entry Thread [CLOSED]

Discussion in 'Weekend Style Point Competitions' started by Cruiser, Dec 23, 2016.

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  1. Stage 14 - Volkswagen Golf MK1

    Breaking any of these rules will result in disqualification.
    • Participants are only allowed one entry per entry thread, unless granted permission by a judge.
    • No entry shall be edited in any way before, during, or after the competition. This includes but is not limited to cropping, filtering, and zooming.
    • Entries are not limited to garage background. For example, you may use the highway as your background.
    • No entry shall be posted after the deadline.
    Good luck to all participants. We look forward to seeing your creations.

    For more information on the WSPC, click here http://pixelcarracers.com/index.php?threads/wspc-rules-and-rewards.1713/

  2. Fake taxi. Screenshot_2016-12-23-18-33-56.png
  3. Good luck everyone :)
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  4. Screenshot_2016-12-23-11-18-56.png
  5. I remebered to enter this week.
  6. First proper rat

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  7. This is the best Christmas gift ever to anyone.. mk1 WSPC!

    So after this, iv been waiting all this time to share my custom mk1 builds, so ill open a thread that features golfs in abundance!

    Im posting my favourite mk1 custom build, not the best looking but I love the rat look.. so enjoy.. lets see those mk1's! @Liakos @Pieta Screenshot_2016-12-23-19-39-53.png
  8. Stance Nation Screenshot_20161223-154204.png
  9. Screenshot_20161223-125012.png
    Mk1 love ​
  10. Screenshot_2016-12-23-19-53-17.png
  11. You can't crop the image. That way you're out of the competition
  12. [​IMG]
  13. IMG_2446.PNG
  14. No cropping aztec.. try and edit it so your entry might make the cut
  15. #20 Isaac Hdz, Dec 23, 2016
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2016

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