1. How would the game be implented into the Steam platform (free to play or pay to play) and will it have any major differences to the mobile version?
  2. I dont think there will a steam release for a while now so we dont really know what it would be like.
  3. I would assume ws acceleration/brake, spacebar to shift up,maybe CAPS to shift down? Idk that's how I'd play it :p
  4. I play on Bluestacks for PC as the Mac version does not let me map my controls but it works great on PC! :D
  5. What are the controls for PCR on bluestacks??
    I only know of K for gas and D for brake.
    It wont let me make my own controls, so i wanna know the controls so i can race and shift and not just race automatic.
  6. Well my friend, it really depends on how you map it. Look for a wasd icon up top and that brings you into the mapping screen.
  7. Keyboard controls should be like this
    W, S - Throttle and Brake
    Shift - Shift up
    Ctrl - Shift down
    Q, E - for these little pedals at the left (i know nothing about cars)
    TAB - Nitros
    ALT+F4 - Gives you $1 000 000
    ESC - Menu

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  8. Alt+F4 gives you 69 crates
  9. There is a lot of hate when it comes to porting a mobile game to Steam. There needs to be a lot reworked before it can do so.
  10. This is how I'd have it...
    up = accel.
    down = brake
    left/right = steering
    d = upshift
    w = downshift
    q = clutch
    caps lock = nitro
    esc = menu
    Obviously thered be an option to remap the buttons but thats my preset.
  11. What? Why?
  12. If you look at most mobile games ported to steam, they generally don't really get good reviews because of how they feel incomplete.
    I think PCR would make a good steam game as long as both platforms get the same attention with updates... and possibly cross compatible multiplayer? :p
  13. That's what I meant by how would it be implemented because as I'm a daily Steam user i see that mobile ports don't get good reviews from the start since there are major differences between the port and the mobile version. I wanted to know if PCR would be like this or it would be identical to the mobile version.
  14. They could maybe implement better graphics? Other than that, I dont see why they would make the game much different.

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