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  1. running an LS swap in my GT-R everything fully upgraded except the turbo, i have the second to last one. But with this tune i run a 6.814 consistantly. anyone have any tune ideas please let me know.

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  2. I did this tune perfectly and I hit 6.7. Not even close to 6.4...
  3. Why use the honeycomb intake instead of the VX Open Intake?
  4. BRUH. It's an ancient thread. Look at the "Last Updated" date
  5. i don't know if this Thread here is active but i'll post any way... so i managed to get just a moment ago 6.302 with my mini so here are the parts im currently using:

    Engine: FR9
    Rims: Any
    NOS: N20 200
    Turbo: XR Blower (Chrome)
    Brakes: Any
    Tires: Nitto Slicks Large
    Suspension: VX Bags
    Intake: Hilborn Scoop
    ECU: SF Type R +VX Flux
    Pistons: VX Titan
    Intercooler: PR Gold
    Exhaust: Maxpower Carbon

    Other Parts
    Bodykits: Delete Front and Back, but side skirts are rocket bunny
    Seats: Pride Racing Red (-110)
    Spoiler: None
    Flair: None
  6. Any tips to make this better? I'm not running top parts haven't gotten there yet, but I'm running about a 7.5-8.0 if you want a list of parts and stuff let me know or if you want to see my gearing.

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  7. Yooo. This is just a thing I made for fun. I compared the Honda/Acura NSX (2016) and the Nissan R35 GTR on the dyno with the exact same, maxed out (in HP) parts you can equip with them and this came out!
    (PCR) NSX vs. GTR Dyno Battle.png
    - Parts (of both of them):
    Engine: Stock
    N0S: N20 200 Shot (used in the dyno)
    Turbo: Reddy T60E (24K Gold)
    Brakes: Trembo Slotted
    Tires: Nitto Slicks Large (GTR), Semi Slicks (NSX)
    Suspension: VX Slams
    Intake: VX Open Intake
    ECU: SF Type R +VX Flux
    Pistons: VX Titan
    Intercooler: PR Gold
    Exhaust: MaxPower Carbon (GTR), MaxPower Titanium-D (NSX)
    - Other:
    Rims: VX Force B (GTR), BBX FIR (NSX)
    - Overall Weight:
    4066 (GTR), 3926 (NSX)
    - Overall Grip:
    1710 (GTR), 1600 (NSX)

    Hopefully this will help someone out there and can give them an idea on what to do on their ride and how to tune them properly, and can also help them to think about which one to buy, and which one looks worth it. :3
  8. I'm ri
  9. Just want to share
    This my tune for 1 mile. (19.209second)

    IMG_7587.PNG IMG_7589.PNG IMG_7590.PNG IMG_7591.PNG

    Engine: Stock
    Rims: Racing heart
    NOS: N20 200
    Turbo: Reddy T60E (Gold)
    Brakes: Trembo Slotted
    Tires: Nitto Slicks Large
    Suspension: VX Bags
    Intake: VX open intake
    ECU: SF Type R +VX Flux
    Pistons: VX Titan
    Intercooler: PR Gold
    Exhaust: Maxpower Titanium-D

    Bodykits: Rocket bunny
    Seats: Pride Racing Black (-110)
    Spoiler: Rocket bunny

  10. I just hit 6.369 with my skyline R34. Not
    Maxed and still need to upgrade the turbo all the way
  11. My fastest so far

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  12. I am pretty sure this thread is mostly about R35 (and R34)
  13. I need someone to make a tune for a GTR (R35) with:

    200 shot Nos

    VX Titan pistons

    VX Open Manifold XL Intake

    And everything else stock
  14. No Turbo ???
  15. Not yet I'm saving money to get a Reddy T58
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    Well this is not a thread were people do tunes for everyone, they just share their tunes with their setups.

    And i think your setup is pretty "uncommon", so you might have to do it yourself...
  17. Any idea what region to look for the GTR in? I want it but can't find it
  18. Japan/ cost 145.000
  19. How do you find cars
  20. You go to dealership...choose the these car...and buy it.

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