The Nissan GT-R Tune Thread

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  1. Stock engine for GTR is good enough. If you really want to swap engine, FR9 would be the best.
  2. Are you using the t60e or the t58 for the 6.3xx / 6.2xx Times? And do you have any engine swap? What is your gearing with vr38 and t60e?
  3. Would you be willing to share your tune?
  4. Hey guys, I can't seem to get my r32 gtr faster than 6.4 in the quarter mile. I have it max with the vr38. I'm not sure if it's even possible to run a faster time but any tunes you guys have would be appreciated :) thanks.
  5. F1X for GTR? Will it be alright?
  6. how can i take lower time

    the same gear setup like first post but most expensive turbo
    my reaction time 0.011 0.033 etc
  7. pop it in neutral in the beginning and you can easily shave 2/10ths off.
  8. My R34 ran at 6.2++ on the 1/4 mile and i can say it win all the race in the pro league IMG_0883.PNG
  9. IMG_1965.PNG IMG_1964.PNG Help to make the best gears in my GTR !!! Please !!! And if theres anything else I can do to make it faster , I do 6,5 or 6,6 seconds every time
  10. My Current tune for R35 GTR.
    Will run 6.3 with some low gear modifications.
    Feel free to use and let me know if thier is any improvements i can do :)
    Upgrades are at the bottom \/ \/
    IMG_2776.PNG IMG_2777.PNG IMG_2779.PNG

    Current Upgrades
    Engine - Stock
    Exhaust - Maxpowe Bomb
    Intercooler - PR Gold
    Pistons - VX Titan
    ECU - SF Type R +VX Flux
    Intake - VX Open Manifold XL
    Suspension - VX Bag
    Tires - Nitto Slicks Large
    Brakes - Trembo Slotted
    Turbo - Reddy T60E 24K Gold
    NOS - N20 200 Shot
    Wheels - 140 or Lighter
  11. IMG_1965.PNG
    I already have those and still the engine damage comes to quick if I let it go in a 1 mile I'll see what else I can do. But thanks tho I appreciate it.
  12. I'd swap the VX Open XL for a VX Open Intake, other than that, it's a killer setup.
    What tune are you using for that R34? I'd like to try it out
  13. I already have everything of the top range, even the f1x engine, but my gtr only gets up to 6.319.

    However, when i switched to the lightest cars, which were the mini cooper or smart car, i got 5.9
  14. I think, that since you engine swapped your car, and added other modifications, everything is going to be the same, its just about your weight after that.

    So I recommend you change to a lighter car, so that you can get faster times.
  15. IMG_2006.PNG
    I bought this Mini cooper to see if its true the theory about the weight it's already maxed out but all I need are some goods Gearings examples because im not too good at that xD.
  16. 6.3x :cool:

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  17. IMG_2030.PNG Is that your own decal ? It looks nice !!

    My Ying-Yang GTRs hehe


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  18. Just copied it from youtube. Hahaha! But I did my own version of lightning mcqueen on a challenger. :)

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  20. I do everything in that video and yet i get better times when i launch from first gear instead of N

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