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  1. Overview
    This competition is all about style and creativity. No racing involved, just aesthetics. The judges select 2 cars for each competition. Participants must use those selected cars and begin customization, then post their entries into the correct entry threads, and wait till the winners are announced by @Cruiser or @CadillacWill .



    Must have both accounts, not one.
    • Registered Facebook-linked ingame account
    • Registered forum account

    Breaking any of these rules will result in disqualification.
    • Participants are only allowed one entry per entry thread, unless granted permission by a judge.
    • No entry shall be edited in any way before, during, or after the competition. This includes but is not limited to cropping, filtering, and zooming.
    • Entries are not limited to garage background. For example, you may use the highway as your background.
    • No entry shall be posted after the deadline.

    Time Duration
    • Competition: Friday (6:00 pm EST) - Monday (7:00 am EST)
    • Winners Results: Monday (5:00 pm - 8:00 pm EST) - Tuesday (10:00 am - 3:00 pm EST)

    • 1st Place: 25 crates and 20 Style Points
    • 2nd Place: 25 crates and 15 Style Points
    • 3rd Place: 25 crates and 10 Style Points
    • 4th Place: 5 Style Points
    • 5th Place: 3 Style Points

    Reward Claim
    • @Cruiser & @CadillacWill will regularly update winners' Style Points after winners post.
    • Message @Travis via Conversations your Facebook ID and correct amount of crates won from the competition.

    Ranking System
    Forum name color will change based on the ranking system.
    Note: Rank and color not implemented in yet.
    • Rank 1: 3 - 49 points [No Color]
    • Rank 2: 50 - 99 points [Gray]
    • Rank 3: 100 - 149 points [Teal]
    • Rank 4: 150 - 199 points [Pink]
    • Rank 5: 200+ points [Purple]

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  2. Nice idea, I'll post as soon as I log into Facebook.
  3. I wonna join xD
  4. All you gotta do is make a car that's chosen and post it on the forum thread! Easy as can be!
  5. I like these improvements.
  6. how i know what car was chosen andwhere i can upload the screenshot of my car to participate in?
  7. can't wait to join
  8. Do I need both facebook and forum accounts or can I have just one of them?
  9. This will really improve the compitition
  10. Alot better then last time :)
  11. hey, if you have a personal fb acc then all you do is link it ingame. in options is a button to link your fb account.. thats all is needed.
  12. cars are chosen on fridays and you can check it on this link, there will be a new thread with "Stage 9 - [insert car chosen name]
  13. i should be an admin for sure...;)
  14. Oh I see. Thanks bro
  15. If it's on your phone, you can either of the following. A: Make a Dropbox account, upload the picture to Dropbox, and download it to your computer. B: Go on this site on your phone and upload a file that way. C: Connect your phone to your USB charger, and import your picture to your computer.
  16. both
  17. I think if we could link to different social medias, like Instagram, Google+, or Twitter, more people would be able to participate. For example, I dont have a FaceBook account, but i do have a Instagram and Twitter so i could link to those social media accounts. Maybe this could be taken into effect
  18. That is a great idea. Hopefully, something like this will be implemented soon.
  19. I'm new in this forum so i have a lil' question; When does new cars to WSPC appear ?
  20. friday

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