To what measure is a truck?

Discussion in 'Ask The Development Team Your Questions' started by AzTec, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. Seeing as "Pixel Truck Racer" is indev, I would like to ask what do you consider a Truck to be? Do Sport Utility Vehicles/Sport Utility Trucks count, or is this strait heavy duty off-roaders? Cause I think a vehicle like an Escalade or a high end Land Rover or BMW SUV would better fit PCR, I doubt people do much offroading in those.
    As opposed to a Ford Bronco or an older Land Rover or G class.
  2. Hmm, wouldn't Land Rovers just be off-road cars?
  3. The fancier ones? I mean sure, but they aren't really made for that, if there's going to be dirt racing and mudding.
  4. If it's a SUV, then it isn't a truck for me... But SUV's would be interesting in PTR

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