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What do you rate these builds?

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  1. Welcome to my PCR Garage thread,
    This is where I'll be posting all of my cars that I have made in game and maybe even on the odd occasion an edit or render that I make. I am doing this to display my builds and provide some inspiration for other players. Enjoy!
    (This thread will be subject to updates in the future.)

    IMG_5632.PNG IMG_5633.PNG IMG_5634.PNG IMG_5635.PNG IMG_5636.PNG

    Well, what do think? Be sure to rate my builds or leave your feedback in the comments!
    Have a wonderful day. :)
  2. Love the fox body, and some nice other well thought out builds. That colour on the bug is ace, what is it?
  3. Thanks! I love the colour too, it's called 'Desert'.
  4. I love your GTR :)
  5. Love the GTR!
  6. Thanks! :D
  7. Love the VW

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