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  1. I think when we are in our garage, we should be able to look around the car. There would be a button and you would press it and each time you press it, your car is viewed at a different angle.
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  2. 2D game.
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  3. That would take a massive amount of time for the artists to get every car done with every different background. That along with the game being 2D doesn't really make much sense.
  4. Mate... does no one think before they type anymore? Or read through and edit what you've written? (also, this is a suggestion. Not a very good one but it is a suggestion)

    Edit: I've just noticed, the devs have change it from "new member" to "PCR Rookie" and I'm a "PCR regular" apparently

  5. I changed the ranks mate, got bored last night.

    PCR Rookie -- 0-99 Posts
    PCR Regular -- 100-499
    PCR Veteran -- 500-999
    PCR Legend -- 1000+
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  6. Don't get too power crazy now @CadillacWill ;)

  7. Not power crazy, just figured it was time for a refresh of the titles. They seem more appropriate now, yeah? And honestly the devs don't really do anything with the forums because they're so busy with the game. It's run by us Mods and Senior Mods.
  8. Nothing wrong with that. I'd rather them be making updates than looking after a bunch of raving car enthusiasts. I'm not saying you have to, but personally I think there should be a system to encourage people to come back to the forums more. Like perks. Maybe, after a hundred messages, instead just getting a bit of text saying what the person already knows, maybe they could be allowed to use a special font or something. Just brainstorming here, don't take me too seriously. I'm not sure how well that would work though :oops:
  9. 'raving car enthusiasts'
    LOL more like a kindergarden like every place used for discusion of motorised transportation.
  10. Oh and maybe in the near-far future. You could change views and still keep a 2d perspective. But yes, very time consuming.
  11. That wouldn't be changing the view, that would be zooming in and out.
  12. We're a little higher than kindergarten level around here. Some kids need are a little immature but most of us are okay.
  13. Well this is basically a suggestion thread. And I get what he wants. Basically a camera mode. Which of course the Devs have already heard and are making it work right now.

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