Warning! The ugliest car build in the whole world! Burns eyes and soul...(I was bored...)

Discussion in 'Share Screenshots Of Your Custom Cars' started by Fat&Furious, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. Screenshot_2016-12-17-18-34-53.png I regret already
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  2. Lol wut?
  3. im actually laughing at this
  4. Oh god
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  5. What has this game come to?
  6. *Weeps openly*
  7. image.png Worst looking thing i ever created
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  8. Stop posting these car lol
  9. This is the essence of Satan/Rice itself. And I love it.
  10. Each to their own I guess. I wouldn't call this rice though, the wheels are a bit big.
  11. I like how it is essentially everything wrong with tuners rolled into one car :D
  12. Now i can't sleep...
  13. Looks fine to me...I guess... Never mind it doesn't
  14. *autistic scream* I have to save this one on my phone.
  15. IMG_1280.PNG
    This is the ugliest car I have a picture of, but a lot of rice went into making it. I found a color combination once that looked terrible on every car in the game (After the first Wrap update), but I don't have any pictures of it.
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  16. Whats funny about this is that it looks better than my 911

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  17. Satan doesn't rice.... IMG_3105.PNG

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