What cars would you like to see in Pixel Car Racer?

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  1. i would like to see maybe some super cars
    Meclaren P1
    Meclaren 12c
    Bugatti Veyron super sport
    Bugatti Chrion
    Lamborghini Aventador
    Lamborghini Gallardo
    Lamborghini Huracan
    Lamborghini Veneno
    Konigsegg One:One
    Konigsegg Regara
    Konigsegg Agera R
    Pagani Huaira
    Pagani Zonda R
    Pagani Cinque
  2. Can we see a Ferrari 458
  3. 1484031411077.png 1484030595945.png
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  4. Mate, this isn't forza. There is 0% chance of them adding supercars into PCR. The devs have said they won't be adding supercars, ever. They don't deserve to be treated like toys.
  5. Yes, here you go:

    You're welcome.
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  6. I know these probably won't be in game anytime soon, but Imma try xD

    Honda Civic MB6


    E46 Sedan (yes, we already have the M3 E46, I know)


    E34 M5 (Touring would be nice), because E34 is life, and some kei cars, like the Suzuki Alto Works and the Cappucino.
    A game that is somewhat about japanese cars is not complete without kei cars :p
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  7. Some more saloons would be great, as would kei cars like the Suzuki cappuccino, autozam az-1 and the dihatsu cuore/mira
  8. Hahaha, yeah, but remind me again how having supercars=forza? What about: Gran Turismo, Need for speed, Test Drive, Midnight Club, Driver,.......
  9. Also, some more Subbies (Forester and Legacy), because you can't have enough Subaru in your life.
    i.e. [​IMG]
  10. images.png
    TOFAŞ Şahin.Car from Turkey.Its FR car 75hp and 56nm 1598cc 956kg.
  11. You know what I mean @AzTec It's not a game about stock cars, it's about modifying them. Supercars and modifications don't really go hand in hand. I was just using forza as an example
  12. Could we get the aventador or huracan but we NEED a viper
  13. I believe the viper is a "maybe" supercars are definitely a no.
  14. we really need a lotus, like an exige/elise

    maybe even an evora
  15. Carlton pls
  16. Sure, but most of those games have car modifications, ugly widebody gold/chrome ferraris included, also taking your example every car in forza is competitive. Adding in the car class system I'd say pcr has quite a bit in common with it.
  17. Yeah, but let's be honest here, the class system is basically meaningless. I think I've seen one, maybe two posts where someone has even mentioned the class system. Also, one is a 2d game about modifying japanese and tuner cars and the other is a triple A 3d track racing game for people who spend 60 quid a year to talk to other people. Exactly the same.
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  18. The 2002 pontiac firebird trans am ram air.
  19. Is a Corvette tuner? Or camaro? Or mustang? And are we not talking right now? And it depends, motorsport is a track racing game, horizon is open world. Well PCR is free so there's that.
  20. Can we please stop with the off topic? >_>

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