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What cars would you like to see in Pixel Car Racer?

Discussion in 'General PCR Game-Related Discussion' started by Nismo, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
  2. Apologies. My point is that supercars are not typical platforms for tuning, as they are already extremely fast. I'm not talking tuners like midnight club, I'm talking cars that are common bases for modification.

    Back on topic, I'd like for there to be some of the lesser known retro JDM cars to be added. Stuff like the starion, the crown and the MK1 celica.
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    (Okay final offtopic post for me) . Yes definitely corvettes,camaos and mustangs are definitely tuners . There are multiple camaros mustangs, camaros and corvettes in drag racing or even track racing. . They are some of the most popular 'tuner cars' ever. In fact i will day there are equal if not more tuned american cars like mustangs, camaros and corvettes than jdm cars
  4. SUV like Nissan patrol bt48,Range Rover sport, Porsche Cayenne, jeep grand cheeroke srt ,BMW x6m Toyota 4Runner and sedans like the 2007 mercedes c63 amg, Porsche panamara,BMW m5 f10 and individually ajustable suspensión
  5. Vw Golf Mk3 Cabrio
  6. Ok then, If we're Getting crazy here, then i'd like to see The '65 'Stang. If it were possible, I'd like to see that the Rocket Bunny kit, works in the same way as the '69 'Stang, in the fact that it changes the '69 into the RTR-X, instead of just being over-fenders and LED holes in the bumper, And for the '65, Change it into the Hoonicorn. Maybe even Add the Hoonicorn livery in the shop.
  7. Audi RS4 / RS6 / S8 | Pontiac Firebird & GTO. :D
  8. And Possibly The Mk1 Escort, And maybe the Liberty Walk 458, like the actual car is sold with the kit equipped, but it will cost 2,500,000
    Due to the modification on the body, or get the stock for 1,500,000
  9. I'm pretty sure we suggested every car in the world lol.
  10. The suvs would most likely be in pixel trucks, I would like some more supersaloons in pcr though.
  11. I would like to see a 1975 BMW 2002 round light
  12. 1968/69 Dodge Charger and 77/78 Firebird Trans Am
  13. If we're asking for group b cars , rs200. I hope someone agrees
  14. 2nd gen mr2
    Honda Civic em1
    Dc2 or dc4 Integra
    Acura legend
    Mazdaspeed 3
    Ford Focus rs500
  15. Lexus RC-F
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    I never said they deserved to be treated like toys i was just wondering if it was posible
    And Why do you have to be so harsh you asked us what kind of cars we wanted to see
  17. 2005 Ford Gt
    Or the gt 40 mk2
  18. Sorry mate, it isn't.
  19. I would to see civic 2nd gen. And crx del sol !!!!

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