What cars would you like to see in Pixel Car Racer?

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  1. I wish the mitsubishi 3000gt would be added 1412990228555266598.jpg
    And the Toyota MR2 MK2
    Only because these are two cars that I personally like that I don't see everyday but that's just me.
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  2. #1562 Arthur Kolb, Apr 19, 2017
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    Cevrolet: 1970 Chevelle SS, Corvette C1

    DODGE: SRT Demon

    VW: T1, T2, T5/6, Golf 3, Passat 1, Passat 3, Passat 7

    Audi: A3, A5 (the old model) , A4 B8, A4 B7, Quattro, 80, 100

    BMW: 1 Series Coupe, 2 Series, 2002

    Ford: Focus, Mustang GT 2015

    Volvo: 740, 244

    Saab: 99 Turbo

    Alfa Romeo: Giulia Sprint GTA Coupe, Giulia 2016

    Lexus: GS F

    Toyota: MR2
  3. Alfa Romeo: Giulietta
    Chevrolet: 68 Nova, 73 Chevelle Laguna, 66 Impala, 66 Chevelle Malibu, 56 Bel Air
    Dodge: 69 Dart, Polara
    Ford: Galaxy 500, Escort Mk. I, Festiva, XK Falcon Sprint, XY, XA and XB Falcon GT
    BMW: 2002tii, 507
    Mercedes: 300SLR, 190E
    Toyota: AW11, SW20 and ZZW30 MR2, A70 Supra, A30 Celica
    Holden: Torana SS, Commodore SS, Sandman, HSV Maloo, HSV Senator
    Honda: Beat, SB1 Civic, Del Sol
    Plymouth: 69 Roadrunner, 71 Roadrunner, 70 Hemi Cuda, 67 Belvedere, 70 Duster
  4. Honda:
    -2015 Jazz
    -2005 City
    -2017 Civic type-R
    -2016 Brv

    -2006 Celica
    -1998 Corolla
    - MR1
    -FJ cruiser

    -2007 Eclipse
    -2001 Mini Pajero
    -2017 Pajero sport

    - 1985 BRAT
    - 2010 Forester

    - 2016 Elantra

    - 2015 Celerio
    - 2016 Jimny
    - 2015 Swift

    -2002 TT

    -2017 Jetta

    -2016 Sonic

    -2005 Neon

    -2017 Fiesta RS

    -2002 PT Cruiser

    -2000 Astra
    -2004 Corsa
    -2016 Corsa


    Not a car:
    - Go karts
  5. Adding some new cars of 2017 like the ford gt would be cool. Adding a story would be exquisite.
  6. it would be awesome to have real engine sounds for each vehicle, it would make the game even better then it already is :)
  7. Volvos.
  8. I don't know if someone said this already, but I'd love an 03 crown victoria. Used to have one used as a police interceptor, fun cars.
  9. Chevrolet Chevelle
    Lamborghini Diablo
    BMW 8 Series
    BMW M6 with the V10 engine
    Dodge Viper
    Plymouth Cuda
    Plymouth Road Runer
    One last hope for Lamborghini Aventador ...
    Stop add Asian cars , we have too many , I got older until I reached final of the list for can purchase the new NSX .
  10. dude super cars are NOT getting added to this game and plus i wouldn't mind seeing Plymouth cars in this game and i don't think a viper will not be added
  11. The only real super car in my list is the Aventador , Diablo is relative old and for today standars is just a sport car .And we have the new Acura NSX why not have any Lamborghini .
  12. I would love to see an Audi 100 quattro wagon (c4 or c3). A great tunable car with the 2.2 turbo 20v engine, and it looks great! I think the game needs more euro cars
  13. i agree with you on that respect
  14. however i would like to see more hatchbacks in the game. stuff like the amc gremlin and and older model subaru impreza cause all you have for it is the 2010 model and its nice but i like some of the older style too
  15. The devs themselves have said no supercars will be added to pcr. The nsx was just a test
  16. The devs themselves have said no supercars will be added to pcr. Tge nsx was just a test
  17. How about the Alfa Romeo Montreal?
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  18. I agree w/ that, cool car
    "la meccanica delle emozioni"
  19. #1579 Kresnanta, Apr 21, 2017
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    I'm just want :
    - Subaru impreza RS-TI coupe
    - 2015 Bmw z4(E89) roadster
    - Mazda rx3
    - Toyota mr2 sw20
    - and please add more car slots xD
  20. like me i am 13 and huge fan of cars.my toy car collection hits more than 300 cars from the price of 10-100$
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