What cars would you like to see in Pixel Car Racer?

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  1. I agree w/ that, cool car
    "la meccanica delle emozioni"
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    I'm just want :
    - Subaru impreza RS-TI coupe
    - 2015 Bmw z4(E89) roadster
    - Mazda rx3
    - Toyota mr2 sw20
    - and please add more car slots xD
  3. like me i am 13 and huge fan of cars.my toy car collection hits more than 300 cars from the price of 10-100$
  4. i forgot please add audi a4 1.7turbo
  5. Hey I would like to see the WRX STi 2015+ in the game and a forester STi 2005 and maybe neon (I'v emailed them over 2 years now and nothing but still the best game ever) and shouldn't add super cars and motorbikes its supposed to be Japanese cars.
    Anyone know when story mode coming out.
    Then they can make pixel trucks and they should add Ford shelbey Ute.
  6. I agree with more car slots . Best ideea .
  7. The RX-3 is already in the game, and more car slots has been requested numerous times.
  8. Hhh i'm sorry bro i forgot about that xD how about Toyota celica ta22?,oh i see
  9. Why add an American muscle car if it's supposed to be "Japanese cars"?
  10. Can you add a Lancer boxtype GT.:)
  11. Who said this is a game about Japanese Cars and when ? Why to do this ? :(
  12. No I replied to someone saying that. I think we should expand our horizons in the car Industry.
  13. Sorry . Wrong tag.
    Yes the should expand their horizon in car industry .
  14. Opel manta?
  15. Forester sti
  16. An eighth gen galant vr4 and legnum
  17. A Fairlady (or Datsun Z) with the G nose (shown here) is something I've been desiring in the game lately along with the 911's return, either Ruf or Gemballa models. I'm just a sucker for a good classic sports car.

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  18. Porsche: "Pleas remove the Porsche"

    "Nah, this car is an RUF" :D
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