What cars would you like to see in Pixel Car Racer?

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  1. Mercedes AMG GT (Add that Prior Design Kit too!)[​IMG]
  2. <3 wall_7369_53fe351c26e11.jpg
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    Like to see Gen2 Scion xB 2008-2015 IMG_0218.JPG
  4. [​IMG] WE NEED THIS!!!!
  5. Can the Devs please add the MazdaSpeed 6. This Awd car has amazing handling and speed.

    Also can the Devs add a title or description for all the cars?
  6. A auction where you can bet on parts and if your the highest better you can get em, or another player might bet higher than you, and each auction depends on your character level so your evenly matched.
  7. Sixth generation Honda Accord coupe because its a poor mans nsx.
  8. me
  9. maybe the hidden 85 levin ,some non gtr skylines ,180sx type x ,olser rx7s and old supras like jza70
  10. How about some vans like the Toyota hilux revo,Mazda b2500,Nissan frontier and
  11. I love to see the supra mk4 in this game and would be so happy if you could add the mk3 to. It would fit perfectly to the other jdm cars.
  12. I would like to see the Chevrolet SS and the new Audi TT RS coupe
  13. I'd like to see the 79 Series 1 RX 7 Savannah and Rotary engine options like 12a tallport, 13b Bridgeport & monster Bridgeport, 13b peripheral port, 13b jport, 20b triple rotor and even the 26b quad rotor all with there unique pulse sounds. PLEASE.
  14. They're all ready in the game....
  15. Im sure that they would add an Maserati or an Lexus lfa or the sls Mercedes. What do you think?
  16. I would like to see some more high end cars.
  17. I want to See the Audi TT rs spider:
  18. Eh, to be honest, I want to see more Ford's: The Cosworths for example(Ideally both the Sierra 3-door and Sapphire Cossies along with the Escort), and definitely the RS200.

    Oh, and also, the Lotus Carlton.

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