what is the rarest item you have got in a crate?

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  1. a rare engine, wheels??
  2. rd26/rd25/rd24 and 5x vr38 6x 2jz 4x 1jz :D just got lucky..
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  3. if i may what lvl are you? i kept getting Sr20 so many times
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  4. im at lv.91 near in 92 78% exp 370 races win :D
  5. i have 467 wins at lvl 37
  6. hows youre stats? all my stat point is in money exp is easy to gain in a couple of hour i played, and i've been in the experiment mode :D
  7. Nice am 60 I got sr20 x2 and a 1jz and 480 races won
  8. Level 72 with 1,000+ wins. Rarest item for me is the 2J I keep hearing of. Never got it and I want it
  9. 2x Vr38, one 2JZ.
    3x Killer red color
    2x Monster green color
    1x Series R Gold rims, about 300k rims
    2x Rocketbunny
    1x 500k
    And ALOT of hookers and other stuff
  10. Yeah it gets kinda boring finding hookers in boxes ay
  11. Yeah... And those 3k and Watanabes :p:p
  12. 1x Cosmos XT Teal rims worth 595k $
    1x Series R Gold rims worth 297k $
    2x Killer Red
    2x Monster Green
    1x Rocketbunny kit
  13. 2jz
    1jz 2x
    Sr20 3x
    Rocket bunny kit
    Diamond glass wheels ($ 272k)
    Some gold rims
    Some paints
    $ 100k
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  14. I got some stance wheels
    Some SSM ones
    A few TE37's in assorted colours
    Monster green
    Royal fushia
    Neo headlight tint
    Some money (100k was the most)
    And then bloody hookers... Not even the good kind ay
  15. Here's some of it, sold a lot of stuff. Still have a lot of crates left to open :D:D:D

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    I've gotten the rakima v2 w/ the wheels on top (pretty cool tbh), the chameleon bike rack, gold, pink, and killer red paint, a bunch of sr20s, some blue chrome ssm's, some te38s, and some other low level stuff. I'd love to get a 2jz though.
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    -BBFX F1 24K
    -VSP TYPE2
    -VX TEAL (intercooler)
    -Rocket Bunny's
    -Killer Red, Monster Green, Ocean (paintjobs)

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