Where are the competitions?

Discussion in 'Pixel Art Competitions' started by CoyeIndustries, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. It's been months since I've seen a new post here. When will there be a new competition?
  2. Go to find this person @ruckusquantum and you will see that he said that he had "crippling depression" since 5th March......
  3. @NMM713 That doesn’t answer the question.
  4. Umm I mean this Art Competition is organised by @ruckusquantum. @PrestonLK please go to @ruckusquantum 's profile page and you will see a post that he said he had a crippling depression.Maybe it is a reason that no more pixel arts competition.Just in my opinion.
  5. Can't we just create our own competitions? Screw the absence of the majority of the community, let's just have our own

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