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  1. Post in what country you live and what are the famous street cars in yours?
    Let's get to know each other. I'll start.

    I'm from the Philippines, and most street-race (illegal) cars here are:

    Evos 7,8 and 9
    Civics (usually EKs and SiRs)

    Special mention: Corolla (Levin)
  2. I'm from Malaysia, you'll see quite a lot of protons wiras(basically re-badged lancers) and civics and what not. Depending on where u live, you'll find some pretty decent cars here. Toyota KE70s are somewhat popular here.
  3. I am from Australia and you see alot of everything here. Pretty much any JDM car there is we have one here.
  4. Iam from Czech Republic and probably most common cars for car guys (in my dates of birth- 1998, 1997, 1996 etc...) here are VW concern cars like VW GOLFs, PASSATs, ŠKODA Fabia VRS or Octavia, Audi too....and most tuned engines are diesel 1.9 TDI, 2.5 TDI, 3.0 TDI or petrol 1.8t 20v. But you can find here a lot of BMWs, Mercedes cars and small cars from Citröen, Nissan or Peugeot are common for young car lovers too...because they are cheap here. You can find about 20% of JDM cars at car meets. And if you are from rich family, you can get something like BMW M3, X5 or some sporty car.
  5. I'm from the Philippines as well. Honda EG, EK, EF. A lot of those.

    Been seeing a lot of Mitsu Lancers as well that change engines to 4G63T, 4G93T, etc. Also Nissan Sentras, change engine to SR20s. Corollas that also do engine swaps to 4AGE Blacktop/Silvertop. Car scene over here has a lot of variety.
  6. I'm from Argentina, and here the most used cars for street races are VW Gols, from first to almost last generations. FIATs like 147, 128, 600, 125. Also some chevrolets like Corsa or Celta. some classic cars used are Ford Falcon, Chevy Serie 2, Dodge GTX, Renault Torino, Chevy 400 SS. The most used brands are Volkswagen, FIAT, Chevrolet, and some Peugeots rarely are seem too. There are some JDM and American cars. but aren't like very common on races. Like Last gen. Focus and Fiesta, Hyundays, Mitsubishi, Nissans, Subarus, Toyotas, Camaros, Mustangs, Hondas. etc.
  7. Australia, pretty much any JDM car and lots of v8 Fords and Holdens.
  8. Im from america,theres a mix of muscle and jdm here but mostly jdm in the south and california. The north part of america has more muscle cars there.
  9. Philippines. Usual face of the car scene here is Honda civic and Toyotas ae92 and 101
  10. Well, I'm in the good old England, South of Birmingham in the countryside ish area.

    Car I get can vary a lot
    S14 Kouki and Zenki
    Vauxhall VXR8
    EJ civic (coupe) matte black
    Porsche 911 turbo (997)
    Couple of 09 subies, some 05, a ton of Mk1 subie
    Subaru Legacy estate, JDM and little bit rough, looks so sick
    Acura TSX (might be an accord but it was Acura) estate? I dunno but that shits slammed
    A 1950s F100 rat rod, green, rusty but sooooo good.
    2015 Audi R8
    2010 Audi R8 matte blue straight pipe
    A 370z Nismo bodykit, maybe a few upgrades
    1950s ford shoebox (only seen once)
    Tons of R35's (yawn)
    Some R33 GT-S and GT-T
    No R34's of any kind tho
    Although I have seen 2 R32 GOLF Mk5's racing about
    Integra type R

    And I think I should conclude this list hahah

    But in the negative end we have those morons who think it's great to stick a fart can on the back, have the car running Rich (like fully, you can smell it a mile off) blacked out windows and other cheap crap, mainly 2002 fiestas
  11. Portugal here

    Most of them vw golfs, audi a3, seat ibizas. 98/99% of them being TDIs and a couple polo g40 and corrados g60

    Aside from that usual honda civics eg/ek ctr and ocasionally an integra or two
    And peugeot 106 and citroen saxo

    These are the most used around here
  12. Midwest USA. I went to school with a kid who killed 2 girls, in a Porsche, racing then with a Civic. No surprise Honda drivers get a bad name around here... kid was (still is, I'd imagine) a moron.

    At meets there's a lotta variety. Dopest whip I've seen around is prolly the slammed Cressida. I don't race (barely pushing 100hp ffs), or know people who do, at least more than stoplight to stoplight. However... THERE ARE SO MANY MUSTANGS THAT THEY HAVE TOTALLY LOST THEIR COOL.

    Middle aged dudes in new brand ones. Old dudes in restorations. Teens and twenty-somethings with foxbodys. Random (non-enthusiasts usually) with the SN-95s, like the 'Stang in PCR.
  13. Agreed with all of the above. From/In Midwest USoA and nothing but Mustangs and Camaros....certainly both have lost their appeal in my book. Of course we got plenty of BRO DOZERS and Coal rollers hers (ffs,smfh)...i just don't get it.

    honda's and subbies out the arse...been seeing a recent influx of GTIs running the highways lately as well as the sport bikes and harley's galore.

    Back in the day when we used to race, mustangs and LS swapped cars where kings around here. ran around with some vipers and corvettes...but my favorite of all time was a kid who had a LS swapped W20 mr2 that would eat everything around....got to the point he just left town cause no one else would race him.
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  14. Dude right? So many better options for winter-worthy whips. And I like NEVER see these guys hauling anything, most of them don't look like they off-road, its just a truck for a daily... all year.
  15. hahahahah!!! my colorado is my DD, has been since i bought new in 05. i haul stuff with it, use the bed, use it for hunting and going places where it prolly shouldnt....aaaannnndddd it's lowered....so yeah trucks ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it's even my daily in the winter, just swap on my winter tires and i'm good to go. I guarantee that my truck see's more dirt and mud than most of the bro dozers and their jacked up trucks on 24s and the mall cruiser jeeps around here.
  16. I live in the Netherlands,
    the most common (riced) car is the civic.
    I see many mx5's from diferent years but mostly old ones.
    Other standards are supra's, there's 5 to 10 where I live, and also subies.
    The most exotic car Ive seen in my town was an R35 GT-R.
  17. hey ya'll from cape town south africa, street racer cars are civics(ek's, eg's, fn2's) nissan sentra sr20, golf gti's, toyota 20v's, ford st's, opel opc's

    13703164_1175076782513046_1602326743_n.jpg 14262899_832006036936336_1476451585_n.jpg 14276574_289011198151835_415423268_n.jpg 14288063_659878524177972_1270836613_n.jpg 14309929_107438696382106_2041807749_n.jpg 14482866_302371030134517_1520299482254671872_n.jpg
  18. I suppose I can drop some pics as well, eh? Here's an album of some pics from a car meet in America's Dairyland, Wisconsin. http://imgur.com/a/pJnaM
  19. Hi I'm from USA (Texas) Home of the 1000 Horsepower Club and I currently reside in Virginia. I drive A W124 Mercedes.
  20. Bruh, internet high five! I'm Filipino 2!

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