Widebody Knockerrz Roster (As of Christmas!)

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    Widebody Knockerrz Team Roster:
    @Hayden - Leader
    @Zachary Sharpe - Co Leader
    @Tristan Pederson
    @Pascal reichert
    WKRRZ founder/leader.
    ¼ mile time: 6.197
    Car: Nissan Silvia S15

    WKRRZ co-founder
    ¼ mile time: 6.481
    Car: Nissan GT-R

    1st WKRRZ Member
    ¼ mile time: 6.270
    Car: Corvette C6

    2nd WKRRZ member
    ¼ mile time: 6.4XX
    Car: Ford Mustang Mach 1

    3rd WKRRZ member
    ¼ mile time: 6.077
    Car: Honda CRX​

    4th WKRRZ member
    ¼ mile time: 6.096
    Car: Smart Fortwo

    5th WKRRZ member
    ¼ mile time: 6.192
    Car: VW Golf MK1

    6th WKRRZ member
    ¼ mile time: 6.562
    Car: Volkswagen Golf MK1

    7th WKRRZ member
    ¼ mile time: 6.277
    Car: BMW M3

    8th WKRRZ member
    ¼ mile time: 6.685
    Car: Honda Civic (Hatch)

    9th WKRRZ member
    ¼ mile time: 6.443
    Car: Hyundai Genisis

    10th WKRRZ member
    ¼ Mile time: 6.338
    Car: Subaru BRZ

    11th WKRRZ member
    ¼ mile time: 6.427
    Car: Porsche 911

    12th WKRRZ Member
    ¼ Mile TIme: 6.491
    Car: Nissan 350z


    13th WKRRZ member
    ¼ Mile time: 6.332
    Car: Dodge Charger

    14th WKRRZ member
    ¼ Mile time: 6.072
    Car: Chevy Camaro (New)

    15th WKRRZ Member
    ¼ Mile TIme: 6.437
    Car: Chevy Camaro (New)

    16th WKRRZ member
    ¼ Mile time: 6.456
    Car: BMW M3 (New)

    17th WKRRZ member
    ¼ Mile time:
    Car: Mazda Miata:

    Widebody Knockerrz
    "Anything and everything that rides wide"
    Join the team! DM either @Hayden or @Zachary Sharpe for info

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  2. Nice job. I'm considering ditching the mustang and going for something a bit lighter. Not sure what yet. On an related note, covered headlights are going to be in the next update. I made a thread with some pictures explaining what I meant and ruckus replied and basically said watch this space. Get anything nice for Christmas @Hayden ?
  3. I got a sweet new GT-R sweatshirt, haha, and a replica scale car of paul walkers GTR. Could you link me the covered headlights page, id like to check it out. Thanks!
  4. Instead of making a new thread once a month, why do you just edit the current one? @Hayden
  5. Okay, will do, sorry
  6. Was just a question, no worries.
  7. Could you use my newest picture of my porsche?(its in discord)
  8. By now, it doesn't let me copy and paste the new roster into the "Edit thread" tab, because it says i have too many images.
  9. We're going to be changing the image limit in posts. Stay tuned.
  10. I cant believe how fast this group grew!
  11. Me neither, I believe this the second biggest semiofficial team on PCR after team orange of course. I joined on a hunch and look at me, second member.
  12. Haha, same here!
  13. How I join dis group I use the wkkrz wrap car I haven't decided yet currently a porsche but if audi r8 comes out I will use

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  14. Do I have to use the WKRRZ skin? I'm interested in joining but it doesn't fit in my car all that well. Fastest 1/4 is 6,137 and regularly low 6.2s
  15. Your fastest car does not have to be the one you put the skin on. We just need a car that you would like to use to represent yourself for the club, a club car. We will still count the fastest time from your other car, but yes, you do have to use the skin.
  16. Hey there, looking to join widebody knockerz, have a r32 GTR that ran 6.790 1/4 mile. Will reply with image, need to put decal on

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  18. I'd love to have you on the team, however, we recently lowered the time to 6.5. If you would like, i could message you a tune, and you could try it with that
  19. ok, i was unsure of the time anways, because on the roster, there was a guy who ran a 6.6 so i assumed it was 7 sec quarter.
  20. Yeah, i'm currently trying to update the roster, he lowered his time, however, im having troubles with it

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