Widebody Knockerrz (WKRRZ) Recruitment

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    Hello everyone and thank you for taking interest in our team. Welcome to the Widebody Knockerrz
    Recruitment and Info Page (Updated). This is the place you need to go to find information, send in an application, or to meet some of the members. Here is some info:

    The Widebody Knockerrz club was founded by @Hayden and @Zachary Sharpe. It is becoming one of the fastest growing clubs on the forums, and even making an appearance with the "WKRRZ Tribal" vinyl in game. Our main mission is to be the best of the best, to be notorious for our fast times, amazing members, and great community. We are the Widebody Knockerrz, and we love "Anything and everything that rides wide."

    • Own a car that runs 6.5 or less on the quarter mile
    • Own a car (doesn't have to be the same car) that you choose to represent yourself. This car must have the WKRRZ Tribal vinyl on it (found in parts store), a RocketBunny or Pandem kit on it, neo or sky headlight tint, and other purple highlights (rims, lugnuts, brake calipers, etc.)
    • DM me a picture of your car and fastest time, then I will message you back the Discord Chat and add you to the roster
    • Have fun! (you knew this was gonna be on here!)
    • Respect other members of the club
    • Respect members of other clubs (Fun competitive talk is okay, but please don't trash talk and bash other teams. Respect goes both ways)
    • Invite someone to the club, or try your best to promote and advertise the club. (This is an organization and a club people want to be a part of, so help them get involved here.)
    • Watch out for updates in the discord
    Thank you for reading, here is the roster and banner:
    Roster: http://pixelcarracers.com/index.php?threads/widebody-knockerrz-roster-as-of-christmas.3124/

  2. I'm interested in joining, but I'm afraid I still don't have the neo headlights (docking crate items). Can you do an exception?

    My car's a Corvette, anyway. Done 6.7 secs on it, 90% fully upgraded.
  3. Great! I think we'll take you on the team! Just copy the banner in the signature, you can use the sky headlight tint in the store.
  4. Hold on, for some reason my images are broken, i'll have to reformat the image first
  5. You can upload somewhere like imgur or just attach the image itself here.

    Anyway, here's my ride: Screenshot_2016-11-22-21-02-12.png
  6. Sweet, you're in! Double check the images and see if their working, if not ill have to work on it after school
  7. Not sure, but from what I see, it still ain't workin'.

    If you're having issues, you can simply upload the image here (http://m.imgur.com/upload) and let me deal with it. ;-)
  8. my smart car hits a 6.4 time and its not fully upgraded.
  9. Looks good, would you want in on the team?
  10. Oh wait im on Team Orange
  11. Were you trying to respond to me?

    My car's got an old tune, it's lot faster now on 6.4 secs. ;)
  12. Just an update on things, I'm trying to get the signature to work, so I tried this. Is this working?
  13. The images are up and good, sir. Thank you.
  14. Are there any advantages to being on such team ?
  15. Well, with a team like the one we're developing, we're reaching for having the best of the best, the elite, and being able in the group allows you to represent the us as the best in the PCR community. You get to make bonds with those in the group, trade tunes with each other, and in a while, hopefully we can dominate the leaderboards.
  16. #teamorange
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  17. Watch your back! :cool:
  18. Lol be careful, we roll deep. :cool:
  19. Looks like we need to step up our game people! This competition is about to get really hot.
  20. Hey! I'd love to join the team, and I meet all the requirements but I think the headlights. I can run a 6.2 on a 1/4th. I know I'm a new member to the forum, but I didn't even know there was one. I would of been on here right as it started if I knew, lol.

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