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Worn Spray Bomb: Recruiting Now

Discussion in 'General PCR Game-Related Discussion' started by TheButtKickerUK (TBKUK), Jan 6, 2017.

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    Hello everybody! Welcome back to the forums!

    So as you may know from the Pixel Car Racer and the Pixel Car Art Discord Servers, we are looking for new members to recruit to join the Worn Spray Bomb Club/Team for PCR that we just started a few days ago. We support the PCR Club AND the GTA Crew as a whole, both under the same name, so there will be members joining from both sides.

    The aim of our club is that we are for people dedicated to racing and cruising with friends and club members, and to have a fun time. We also like to experiment with colors and customization options.

    We have our own Calendar, Rules/Guidelines to keep things all organised. We are working on Club Colors, Liveries, Emblem, Race Number, etc.

    • Have your PCR Forum account being visible (except for your age)​
    • Must be at least be a 'PCR Rookie' to be eligible to join and rank up in the club​
    • Have a Discord account (recommended for easy communication)​


    @TheButtKickerUK (TBKUK)





    @2jz - @8Bit - @Amanteeee - @BICIRIQ - @coolecr - @Dkdndndn - @edwardmrt - @GamesPleb - @GonzaSwag - @Heectoor11 - @JesseJames1984 - @lordJDM - @Miamisan - @mizterpstefo - @MrSun - @Nissan7Killer - @R_A - @Sharktamer4000 - @TurboYoda02 - @William drope


    We are growing slow and steadily, but please feel free to join us at any time when you feel like it :D

    Feel free to check out our very own official Discord Server right here: https://discord.gg/5UrNNrR
    (all the information regarding Worn Spray Bomb is in the link provided to our Discord)

    If you are already part of Worn Spray Bomb please use one of these as your Signature:


    Also, please use these profile pictures that are currently on selection:


    I hope you have taken the time to read through this post and join us on our epic adventures in GTA, and in Pixel Car Racer, and peace!​
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  2. nice and well written
  3. Nice job
  4. I'd join, but being a "Legend" I can't leave my teammates behind ;)
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  5. "Legendary Spray Bomb" XD
  6. Maybe we could give you a special 'Legend' spot in Worn Spray Bomb, if you wanted to.
  7. What do you do to advance ranks?
  8. Of course yes.. but I recommend to have a discord account for easy communicate with each other
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  9. Participate in events, help and make suggestions, be active, create art for Worn Spray Bomb, the more you do these, the better chance you'll get promoted to higher rank (i.e Representative, Lieutenant, Commissioner
  10. what are the requirements for joining?

    • Have your PCR Forum account being visible (except for your age)​
    • Must be a 'PCR Rookie' to be eligible to join and rank up in the club​
    • Have a Discord account (optional)​
  12. By create art, you mean signatures?
  13. Being the grammar nazi that I am, I would just like to point out that it is not necessary to have a comma before a conjunction. You will find some examples of the error in your closing sentence.
  14. I want to join the team
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    Hey @TheButtKickerUK (TBKUK), just a quick question/suggestion, are we allowed to customise our signatures? Here's a mock up one I made with a 180SX.

    Attached Files:

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  16. You had to be a rookie :v?
  17. I guess no... it mean is at least rookie rank... (I think)
  18. How do u join
  19. Yeah sure, exactly like how you have done it. Awesome!
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